Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where Exactly Are We Going?

So how far is New Zealand from Texas?

There are approximately 7,392 miles between Texas & Auckland, NZ! By the numbers:

*3 1/2 hour flight to LAX, 12 hour flight to Auckland from LAX

*NZ is 17 hours ahead of our time zone at home. Can you do the math quickly on that one to figure out what time it is? Because I can't! To make it easier, I try to remember NZ is a day ahead & 7 hours behind our time. So if it's Monday 7:00pm in Texas, it is Tuesday Noon in NZ. Don't ask me about daylight savings time. I have no idea how that comes into play.

We will be staying on the North Island, in the Bay of Plenty...Google some's beautiful!!

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  1. Ok this is really helpful because sadly, geography was not my best subject. That's a long way away girl! By the way, I've looked back on your posts, and have not seen a good reason for the choice of New Zealand as opposed to all the other places in the world...was it just random choice or was there logic to yall's pick of Auckland? Anyway, might be a good post to read! Also, what language do they speak in NZ? I can't even begin to guess...