Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And Now We're Four....

We decided last night to move our trip to August 2010 for a few reasons.

*August is low season for travel, and since we aren't really going for a vacation in the sun, it didn't matter that it would be Winter. The average high for BoP is 59 and the average low is in the mid-40s. It will be a fantastic break from the 100+ degree temperature here in Texas in August!

*Since it is low season, the rates for the bach rental and car rental are less, sometimes by half!

*And the most exciting reason....our daughter Cowgirl is coming with us!!! Since she is in a public school, it was impossible to pull her out for almost two weeks. But August is our summer break, so the first two weeks of August 2010 will work perfectly. I am so excited that we'll be bringing her & getting her impression of NZ life as well. Not to mention the fact that Little Man adores her & loves spending time with her!

So there you have it...we're visiting in August 2010 and will bring 2/3 of our children with us!


  1. Fabulous! And how fun for you to have her there!

  2. I love your blog; how you are journaling your plans and thoughts. And I love your links to "New Zealandish" websites too...coooool. Once we have some firm plans for Montana, I might copy your ideas!!!?!!

  3. This is great! I am excited to get to follow along through this blog!

  4. Renee--I think you definitely should do a Montana blog!