Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why Cowboy Boots To Kiwi Fruits?

Hello & welcome to our blog! We have found a few blogs very helpful in our research on moving to New Zealand, so it is my hope that our blog can serve others in the same way.

Who are we? I am The Mama and do most of the writing...I am a Texas native, a homeschool mom, & a wife to Big Daddy. We have three children, two of whom are staying in the US for work & school. Little Dude will be moving to NZ with us and continuing to homeschool.

Where are we in the process? We have shared our plans with all of our family & friends. Big Daddy spoke today with our financial planner. I find myself every now & then looking around the kitchen wondering what to keep? What to sell? What to donate? What of all this stuff do I want to pay to ship halfway across the world? We are planning a visit to NZ in March of 2010 to check out the Bay of Plenty, which is our desired location we think.

When Big Daddy & I first started talking about the notion of moving, I was completely overwhelmed. Since the age of two, I have lived within the same 3 hours of where my feet stand now, so a move to a different state seemed scary...moving to a completely new country was terrifying!

But after we read some very helpful blogs, talked a lot together about our future, & Big Daddy offered the advice to "eat the elephant one bite at a time", I became much more at ease with following our dream. I don't need to figure out what furniture we're taking or where to quarantine the dog just yet!

What concrete steps have we taken to put the wheels in motion? Our house is up for sale, & once it is sold we will rent until our oldest daughter graduates highschool in three years. Each journey begins with one step!

Cowboy Boots to Kiwi Fruits will be my place to document our life changing adventure to New Zealand. It is my hope that it will serve as a useful resource for others considering doing the same...and that it may inspire you to follow your dreams!


  1. How wonderful that you are following the dream! I'm so happy for you!

  2. What an adventure! I look forward to reading all about it!

  3. So cool! I love it! Can't wait to follow you on your journey... New Zealand. Wow. Exciting. Montana just seems to plain, and local, now. ?!

  4. Congratulations on following your dream. We've been in NZ for 6 years now (originally from the Midwest), and we love it here. Good luck!